Are you as stoked as we are to be scared pantsless by Alien: Isolation? To celebrate the game’s release on Tuesday, we’re hosting this a giveaway for this excellent replica bomber jacket!

One lucky winner will receive the jacket, which is modelled after the one worn by Samuels in Alien: Isolation. Here are the contest details and how to enter.

TL;DR - Follow and reblog (likes don’t count) to win! Deadline is Tuesday October 7th at 12pm Eastern on Tuesday, October 12th. Good luck!

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I made a thing and then got Jeremy Shada to sign it. #adventuretime #edmontonexpo #jeremyshada


Duet - Glen Keane

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My entry for Mighty Fine’s Sesame Street t-shirt contest.

If you have a Mighty Fine account I would love it if you would vote for me:

But if you don’t want to sign up, I’d be grateful for some reblogs.


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I’ve entered another Mighty Fine t-shirt contest and I need the internet’s help! Please vote for my design, I’d be very, very, very grateful!

But before you do, enjoy checking out the process of my making said design.

Thanks <3

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Seasons greetings my tumblr friends! I’ve just added 5 new Adventure Time prints to my etsy shop! They make wonderful stocking suffers and look great together on any wall.

And I’m throwing a little contest too!

Reblog this post for a chance to win a free print. Five winners will be chosen at random and announced next Thursday, 12/12/2013.

Take my money, please.

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